It conflicts with the “see now, buy now” approach that the industry is adopting. But it’s consistent with our vision and with our belief. We don’t want to create clothes that may remain unsold. There is already too much waste on this planet, we don’t want to create more. It would be great if together we could make people think more about their purchase.

Consciously Crafted

ethical production


process and material

Less Waste

made to order


tell the truth

Do you really want it?

Will it be a piece of clothing that you will keep in your wardrobe for a long time?

If so, then  it should not be an issue for you waiting a bit to receive it.

Once your order will have been received, we will contact Laura, who will dye the fabric the colour you chose. Then we’ll take your fabric to our beloved seamstress, who will sew and finish your module.

Then we will pack your garment and ship it to you.

Remember: your piece is made specifically for you and wearing it will bring you all the magic and the precious knowledge of the artisans who have worked on it.

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